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Puget Sound Skills Center
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Puget Sound Skills Center Application & Registration Form

Section 1: Description of Puget Sound Skills Center

Puget Sound Skills Center (PSSC) is a school of choice, specifically designed to prepare high school juniors and seniors for high-demand technical careers. Skills center programs are unique and more advanced than those offered in the high schools, operating in alignment with industry expectations and practices. As a student at PSSC, you will be expected to perform as a professional in the industry which you are preparing to enter. Your instructors are your supervisors and will assess your performance based on various academic and technical standards.

PSSC is a part of a consortium of school districts that include Highline as the host district, and Federal Way, Tahoma, and Tukwila as partner districts. Students in other districts may also apply, with the understanding that students within the consortium districts are given priority for placement in skills center programs. All PSSC programs operate as a half-day; if you attend PSSC, you will take classes at your home high school either in the morning or afternoon and attend PSSC for the other half of your school day. You may choose to drive to the school if you are a licensed driver and pay for a parking permit; school bus transportation is provided from each high school in the Highline, Federal Way, Tahoma, and Tukwila school districts.

PSSC is not a diploma-granting school. You will graduate from your home high school, and your transcript will include the course(s) you completed at PSSC. Report cards for each quarter you are enrolled at PSSC will be issued to you. Semester grade reports indicating grade and credit earned will be sent to your home school registrar to add to your transcript.  If you have earned academic equivalency credits, they will be indicated on your second semester grade report and your transcript.

Skills Center programs provide opportunity to earn FREE college credits, ranging anywhere from 10 to 60 credits, depending upon the program you enroll in. Earning dual high school and college credits as well as industry certifications saves you time and money as you work toward earning a college degree or further industry credentials and distinguishes you as an accomplished scholar and worker. In order to earn these credits or industry credentials you must complete at least a full year of classes in your chosen program. Students who leave PSSC before finishing the year will not earn equivalency credits, college credits or industry certifications.  

A complete list of PSSC programs is included in this application in Section 2. Please see the dropdown menu of programs to make your first, second and third choice selections.  We also recommend that you review information in the PSSC Course Guide and program flyers that are in your school’s counseling or career center. Information can also be found on the PSSC website.  Becoming familiar with what PSSC has to offer and the expectations of participating students will help you determine if PSSC is the right fit for you. 


Section 2: Enrollment Information

Please complete this section in its entirety. Once you have submitted your application, we encourage you to meet with your counselor to request the following documents be sent to PSSC: transcript, 504 Plan if applicable, attendance and discipline. If you have an IEP, please ask your counselor or teacher to submit it to the PSSC registrar Pam Stariha at Once your registration form is processed, you and your parent/guardian will receive an email notification with more information on next steps to finalizing placement. If you have any questions please contact Puget Sound Skills Center at 206-631-7300. required
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Section 3:  Student and Parent Agreements and Commitments

Please read each of the commitment statements in this section. If accepted to PSSC, I understand I will be expected to:required
After high school graduation, we want to stay in touch with you to learn how you are progressing in your post-secondary education and career. After you graduate we will be asking for your contact information as well as contact information for others who may be able to help us keep in touch with you.
I, the student, certify that my digital signature is equivalent to my written signature.
I, the parent/guardian, certify that my digital signature is equivalent to my written signature.

Section 4: Next Steps

  • Review your application to ensure that you have completed all requested information and that both you and your parent/guardian have signed the Agreements and Commitments in Section 3.
  • Submit your application as soon as possible after the application window opens on February 14, 2022. Doing so will improve your chances of participating in your program of choice.
  • Let your school counselor know that you have submitted your application to PSSC.
  • PSSC will review your application and coordinate with your home school counselor to obtain a copy of your transcript and other required documents such as 504 Plan or IEP if applicable, attendance and discipline.
  • Congratulatory letters of acceptance will be issued by PSSC after the review process has been completed. 
  • If you have any questions, contact PSSC at 206-631-7300

Section 5: Student and/or Parent Questions, Comments & Feedback

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